A Compose for Docker Machines

Compose for Docker Machines; declaring your machine configurations.

Introducing a new tool factory for composing Docker machines wrapping around docker-machine itself. This lets you define a factory.yml file like this: machines: test: driver: digitalocean And run: $ factory up That’s it! You can define as many machines as you like and the configuration options match those of docker-machine. There are also a few other nifty commands: stop – Stop a machine or all machines rm – Remove a machine or all machines ls – List all machines Check it out on Github at: https://github. [Read More]

A Docker-based mini-PaaS

A Docker-based mini-PaaS written in Python

The Why So by now everyone has heard of Docker right? (If not, you have some catching up to do!) Why have I created this mini-PaaS based around Docker? What’s wrong with the many myriad of platforms and services out there: Tutum AWS Deis Solum Flynn Well. Nothing! The various platforms, services and stacks that exist to service, deploy, monitor applications using Docker all have their use-cases and pros and cons. [Read More]

Docker and Plone

Spinning up Plone on Docker

Come across Docker yet? If not you should check it out! Summary: Portable containers across Development, Staging and Production environment(s). Guarenteed consistency. Lightweight viraulization. Excellent Tooling and Ecysystem. Growing at an ever expanding rate! Here’s a quick demo of how to spin up a Plone instnace using Docker. (Plone is a Python powered Content Management System) [email protected]:~$ CID=$(docker run -i -t -d -p 80:80 turnkeylinux/plone-13.0:latest)^C [email protected]:~$ CIP=$(docker inspect -format='{{. [Read More]