Vmware Tools with 64bit Linux Guest

New job, new challenges, new beginnings. One of the things I’ve had to do as part of my new job is to build a base system to develop our new product on. We chose to use Vmware Fusion as we run iMac’s as development machines.

My preferred Linux distribution happens to be CRUX as it’s lightweight, easy to maintain and “cruft-less”. The down-side (if you can call it that) is we (the CRUX community) don’t have that many x86_64 users so our x86_64 support is somewhat lacking. It’s there, but could do with more attention/work.

That said, I installed a fresh CRUX-2.7 (the latest at the time of writing this article); the x86_64 version into a virtual machine powered by VMware Fusion. Everything went smoothly after figuring out all the right kernel drivers. Except for vmware-tools.

vmware-tools (after spending 2 days trying to make it work) relies on perl’s configuration to work out what kind of platform it’s on. Specifically it relies on “archname” (See: perl -V).

As I said earlier, x86_64 support in CRUX is somewhat limited and as it turned out we don’t really have a x86_64 version of the perl port that’s maintained in the 32bit distribution (until today).

So all-in-all, if anyone reads this article or comes across the same problem; recompile perl with -Darchname=x86_64-linux

For those that do use CRUX (and the x86_64 version) the x86_64 perl port is here: