Random Password Generator

I’ve been seeing a lot of this lately on ActiveState Code Recipes; Random Password Generators written in Python. Well I thought I’d get in on this and share one I’ve been using for many years, but mostly because I’m finding “Blogging” to be quite fun!

This recipe is also a part of my very old pymills repository of useful modules and routines I’ve either written or collected. You might find bits and pieces of my library useful. If you do please let me know!

UPDATE: Fixed some bugs…

#!/usr/bin/env python

import string
from time import time
from itertools import chain
from random import seed, choice, sample

def mkpasswd(length=8, digits=2, upper=2, lower=2):
    """Create a random password

    Create a random password with the specified length and no. of
    digit, upper and lower case letters.

    :param length: Maximum no. of characters in the password
    :type length: int

    :param digits: Minimum no. of digits in the password
    :type digits: int

    :param upper: Minimum no. of upper case letters in the password
    :type upper: int

    :param lower: Minimum no. of lower case letters in the password
    :type lower: int

    :returns: A random password with the above constaints
    :rtype: str


    lowercase = string.lowercase.translate(None, "o")
    uppercase = string.uppercase.translate(None, "O")
    letters = "{0:s}{1:s}".format(lowercase, uppercase)

    password = list(
            (choice(uppercase) for _ in range(upper)),
            (choice(lowercase) for _ in range(lower)),
            (choice(string.digits) for _ in range(digits)),
            (choice(letters) for _ in range((length - digits - upper - lower)))

    return "".join(sample(password, len(password)))

This recipe is also available here:

Enjoy! :)